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Orchard Farm House

Inspiration for this design came from the high desert landscape of the Western Slope of Colorado. The yellow hues of the dessert and subtle greens were used throughout the home, and if I'm just being honest, our design choices were questionable back then! We ended up choosing yellow for the whole house! It's kind of symbolic I think.... This was our first big project of true restoration which is now our staple for development and when I first met Jeff he was wearing a similar colored yellow shirt. It was meant to be! We restored all the original hardwoods, original trim, and original pocket doors. This is our largest home we have ever restored at 3,256 total sqaure feet. We didn't know it then, but we were being blessed to work with such a large floor plan! Rumor has it that this house used to be an active, large farm filled with orchards with no neighbors.  We still own this house till this day. 

Est. 1930

A F T E R | P H O T O S 

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