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Fort + Home Forges Through Unpredictable Market

Here at Fort + Home, we are confident that no matter what happens to the real estate housing industry, we will continue to work in, and around it. As we look forward we have our eyes set on a few set niches to help our investors continue to see great investment returns. We are looking in tertiary markets in Montana, Colorado and Wyoming, where the properties and markets may be a little bit smaller, but they are less picked over with investors and have just as must opportunity.

⌂ Class B and C multifamily properties

Not only does this allow the working class population a nice, social place to live, these properties are perfect for improving the property. When costs can decrease, and the rents can increase multifamily properties become the perfect short or long-term investment.

⌂ Mobile Home Parks

Quality and attainable housing is always at the forefront with this type of investment. While also building a nice area with the option for individuality, investing in mobile home parks can be a huge return on investment.

⌂ New Construction builds (Small multifamily)

New builds are highly sought after in the living space at this time, because owners or renters can claim their own space that has never been lived in. Returns can be great on new construction, as long as the costs have been underwritten conservatively.

Regardless of the housing market, as long as the numbers work in real estate investing, so does the investment. Fort + Home is very conservative in planning and calculating the numbers, therefore each property has been very calculated and transparent, and we continue to find deals that benefit not only the community, but the investor as well.

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