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Meet the Team: Austin Beswick

A diehard for smoked meats or BBQ; a fan of musical treats by Van Halen, specifically Sammy Hagar; and a lover of black, iced coffee—free of frills.

Austin grew up in the small town of Superior, Colorado. He played football throughout high school and continued through college at Colorado Mesa University. He received his bachelor's degree in Sports Management immediately followed by his MBA.

As an Acquisition Manager for Fôrt+Hōm, Austin will be responsible for finding new investment properties, analyzing future prospective projects and utilizing his talents to network and research various markets.

Austin credits the shows he watched growing up – "Flip this House" and "Flip or Flop" to name a couple – as the catalyst for his enthusiasm in real estate. "[Seeing] the worst house on the block turn into the best house creates excitement for everyone involved, and providing housing for the new occupants is inspiring," he says. Austin took his excitement for the industry and poured his energy into learning the complexities behind real estate and the investing it requires.

Now calling Las Vegas home, Austin is able to indulge in his favorite activities year-round – golfing and hiking – while still having access to snowboarding given Vegas’ proximity to Utah. The city's global reputation makes for easy travel which Austin notes as an added perk to the location.

While success is defined differently for everyone, Austin believes success is being the best at what you do while enjoying it: building a lasting career and taking delight in the little things along the way.

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