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Meet the Team: Corey Unrein

Two of Corey's passions echo the roots of her upbringing–– outdoor recreation and real estate. Growing up in Eagle River, Alaska, a small town outside of Anchorage, her parents built log homes and taught her and her sister how to hunt and fish. It's no surprise that Corey's career path would take these further in life becoming a 2x Olympic bronze medalist in trapshooting and a real estate investor and aficionado.

Corey and her husband have been real estate investors for more than a decade. "I love rehabbing properties, seeing the raw potential and watching my vision come to life," she says. Her experience in the industry bodes well for her position with Fôrt+Hōm.

As the Asset Manager, Corey is responsible for monitoring current properties and due diligence before purchase. She works closely with the Acquisition Manager to communicate with third-party property management companies during project development and stabilization, while additionally scouting for new projects in Colorado.

At any opportunity, Corey and her family are outside –– fishing, hunting, hiking, camping – taking in the lessons in balance and harmony that mother nature offers. She says her favorite color is green, and while not specifying the hue, it's safe to assume it's among the greens found within nature’s grass and mountain pines.

Corey’s affinity for natural balance reflects in what she enjoys most: mac 'n' cheese with a side of broccoli; Chris Stapleton and Beyonce; almond milk lattes with a pump of hazelnut – subtle sweetness to the nutty, earthy flavor of the drink; and of course, the great outdoors and real estate.

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