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Meet the Team: Greg Genho

Greg hails from a small town northeast of Denver known as Brush, Colorado. Growing up, he played football and basketball, was on the track team and showed pigs with the 4H Club. After high school, his athleticism led him to the University of Wyoming where he played football and studied Geography.

Post-graduation, Greg worked in North Dakota and Wyoming on oil and gas rigs, later spending two years in oil and gas automation. Staying in the industry but straying from the field’s physical demands, Greg eventually moved into sales and worked his way into management.

As Construction Manager of Fôrt + Hōm, Greg utilizes the skills he acquired in oil and gas, coupled with his penchant for carpentry, to manage the ins and outs of construction— overseeing a team of 10+; ensuring all jobs within the project are done properly and timely.

Greg’s construction knowledge was built through a hands-on approach: purchasing real estate within the Denver area, taking on all home improvement tasks himself. His attention to detail – accepting nothing but perfection – ensures top-shelf quality. "Construction tends to have a reputation of cutting corners or even being a bit 'sloppy.' I don't like that, and I don't do that. I view each property as if it were my own home and how I would like it to be done," Greg notes.

What he enjoys most about real estate projects is seeing the results — hard work coming into fruition. Property rehab comes with a lot of unknowns which can be scary and intimidating, but to Greg, powering through the doubt and fear is what leads to success (a mindset which extends beyond just real estate).

Outside of work, Greg is an avid movie watcher and a bit of an amateur chef –– cooking up Indian dishes, improvising dinners or experimenting with spice combinations. At the same time he likes his coffee black and his favorite food is just a burrito smothered in green chile.

All in all, Greg is happiest when he gets to spend time with his English bulldog, Moose.

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