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Updated: Jun 26

Curious about the latest on The O'Rourke project? Interested in more of what we do here at Fôrt and Hōm? Look no further than our YouTube channel. Current content will give you a behind-the-scenes look at The O'Rourke; future videos will follow the project as it progresses ­­––seeing the transformation yourself without stepping a foot in Montana.

The O'Rourke at the start of construction.

Follow Jeff as he covers the plans for each floor in the project’s first video. Jeff shares unique insight into blueprint specifications and details the plans for foundation reinforcement and overall structural support.

A still from our video of The O'Rourke Plans.

The shear wall and framing video, the second in our series, gives a glimpse of a shear wall install. Due to the multiple mines – and the depths at which the mines were drilled – seismic activity can occur; therefore, adding a shear wall increases the shear strength (see where the name comes in?) of the building. As an added bonus, you’ll get a look at some of the new framing in several units.

Our third and most recent video covers sheetrock aka drywall. The size and weight of each piece of sheetrock, the amount of sheetrock needed, and the angles of each floor of the building made this quite the feat. Just to get it all in the building required a window removal, some large machinery and plenty of patience.

In addition to videos for current/ ongoing projects, Fôrt and Hōm’s YouTube channel will house segments on team-building and footage from previous Fôrt and Hōm properties. We invite you to come with us on these projects and learn about what makes us tick— be sure to subscribe so you’ll never miss a step along the way.

*What is OSB? Oriented strand board. The engineered wood is formed with adhesives, compressing layers of wood strands in various orientations. Known locally as “waferboard,” this material is stronger than particle board and more cost-effective than plywood.

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