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Icelandic Sheepskin- White

Icelandic Sheepskin- White

Long-haired, white, Icelandic sheepskin. All one color. 


Approximate dimensions (inches):  44-48" L x 28-32" W 


Our Hygge Life collection of sheepskins and lambskins will provoke a natural elegance, coziness, and rustic feel to your space typical of Scandinavian design. Our fur hide elements elevate each space, highlighting your unique lifestyle and taste. 

Our hides are made in Europe in an eco-friendly and responsible manner. They are byproducts of the meat industry and raised for the sole purpose of food, not for their skins. The hides are un-dyed, unbleached and free from many chemicals typically used in the tanning process. Because of these natural practices, each hide is unique in its coloring, size and wool structure. Just like us, no two sheep are the same - they are all individuals. 


*Picture is a representation of the Icelandic black collection, not exact hide. Please let us know if you have special requests, such as, shape or size.      


  • Gently shake sheepskin
  • Brush with a thin wire sheepskin (or pet) brush
  • Vacuum using brush attachment
  • Spot clean with damp sponge
  • Hang or drape outdoors for extra freshness
  • We do not recommend machine washing sheepskins

European home decor 


danish origin

A quality of cosiness and extraordinary comfort that provokes feelings of contentment or well-being. Hygge is a lifestyle focused on the moments in life and the people that help create your unique space. We hope our European home decor helps personalize your space!

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