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Inspiration came from the colorado mountain ranges as the morning sun lights the sky and creates dark shadows on the peaks. There was great natural light in this home! We used pops of black in tile and hardware against bright white trims and cabinets. We walked in and our imaginations ran wild! It didn't matter that this was also probably one of the dingiest houses we have ever bought. Not to mention, we purchased and flipped this only 3 months before our wedding! We will remember this project forever. Through all the grime and darkness we knew three things: (1) the houses brick was in amazing condition, (2) with 10 foot ceilings you can make anything look like a palace, (3) you could see the downtown city skyline from the front porch. We were in heaven! We reworked the house to become a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home with room to expand in the the attic (which was dreamy all on its own). There are so many special details so flip through the pictures and enjoy! This house was off the market in only two days and 30 offers later, just in time for our honeymoon (caution, do not try this at home, we got lucky and our family wanted to kill us)! This home is located in the Sante Fe Art District of Denver and built in 1900.


A F T E R | P H O T O S

e front 1.jpg
e front 2 Kalamath1001.jpg
1333 Kalamath1031.jpg
1333 Kalamath1030.jpg
1333 Kalamath1008.jpg
1333 Kalamath1009.jpg
1333 Kalamath1010.jpg
1333 Kalamath1011.jpg
1333 Kalamath1023.jpg
1333 Kalamath1028.jpg
1333 Kalamath1027.jpg
1333 Kalamath1018.jpg
1333 Kalamath1021.jpg
1333 Kalamath1024.jpg
1333 Kalamath1025.jpg
1333 Kalamath1026.jpg
1333 Kalamath1020.jpg
1333 Kalamath1043.jpg
1333 Kalamath1042.jpg
1333 Kalamath1044.jpg
1333 Kalamath1045.jpg
1333 Kalamath1041.jpg
1333 Kalamath1017.jpg
1333 Kalamath1040.jpg

B E F O R E | P H O T O S

2016-08-28 11.55.43.jpg
2016-08-28 11.47.14.jpg
2016-08-28 11.44.22.jpg
2016-08-28 11.44.09.jpg
2016-08-28 11.44.11.jpg
2016-08-28 11.44.01.jpg
2016-08-28 11.43.21.jpg
2016-08-28 11.43.04.jpg
2016-08-28 11.42.11.jpg
2016-08-28 11.42.26.jpg
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