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Meet the Team: Danielle Zimmerman

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Danielle is the Co-Owner and Acquisitions Manager of Fôrt+Hōm, in charge of the oversight of all company-asset-related architectural and design elements. If you ask Danielle which of her many roles in life are most important however, she’ll respond, without hesitation: wife to Jeff and mother to an ever-independent


Danielle grew up in a close family of six on a small ranch in Golden, Colorado. She's a horse girl – which we acknowledge lovingly – competing nationally throughout high school in the hunter jumper discipline. After graduating high school, Danielle went on to college where she studied urban planning and sustainability.

It was in college when she and now-husband Jeff started to flip property; from there, a passion for real estate was unearthed.Enjoying every phase of a flip, Danielle took her interest a step further to become a realtor, allowing for further control of her projects. Eventually she opened her own real estate firm under Fôrt+Hōm, LLC.

In addition to acquisition-related functions, contract management and due diligence, Danielle’s vision for spaces is what’s created a look unique to the Fôrt+Hōm brand. Noting black as her favorite color because it's timeless and classic, it's no surprise this preference translates into the designs she lays out for each project, while utilizing straight lines and earth tones to enhance and showcase the space with touches of details throughout. She allows the space to speak for itself, rather than filling it up with stuff.

Photos of Danielle's designs from previous Fôrt and Hōm projects.

Ten years later, Danielle's love of real estate continues to flourish. Her favorite part? The architecture. She believes architecture goes beyond the definition— she sees it as the building, the designs, the colors, the streets, the city and the people; how all elements fit together. She appreciates solving the challenges and complexities that real estate brings to the table, each piece as important as the next.

At the end of the day, if she can’t breathe new life into a dilapidated building in the moment, Danielle is happy to enjoy a taco or two, with a palm tree in view – husband and daughter joining her, of course.

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