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Meet the Team: Joe Evers

Fôrt+Hōm’s Compliance and Risk Manager Joe grew up in Sheridan, Wyoming. He attended the University of Wyoming for Finance where he played football, later continuing his studies and completing his Juris Doctor.

Post law school, Joe moved to Denver and got involved in real estate with his close friends, together purchasing single family homes and transforming them into desirable spaces. "I enjoy finding that 'diamond in the rough' property that has been passed over by others and working with a team to restore it's 'diamond' brilliance. Watching the potential of a property come to life never gets old," he says.

Joe’s role at Fôrt+Hōm bridges his experience in – and love of – real estate, with his formal education. He ensures the company adheres to laws and regulations as well as policy and procedures. Joe also assesses risk possibilities that could hinder the company.

Outside of work, Joe enjoys history and live music, particularly the boot-tapping sounds of Corb Lund and the Hurtin' Albertans. His favorite color is blue, and he wouldn't mind a lifetime meal of homemade mac 'n' cheese (not the blue box, surprisingly). And of course, his coffee order: a pour-over; a slower brewing process which allows for the flavors of the coffee to develop. A similar methodology to Joe, who takes his time to review and assess projects and documents with precision for concurrence. No need to rush; pursuing all paths he encounters with his own brand of patience.

"Being able to chart your own course, on your own terms," is the measure of success to Joe. And while he currently resides in Denver with his wife, he hopes to return to Wyoming in the future— success by his own definition.

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